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Arturo’s Taste and
Smell the Freshness

Arturo’s Tortilla Mission Statement – Short & Sweet


  • Less Ingredients
  • Better Ingredients 
  • Less  Additives
  • More Natural 
  • Less Processsing
  • More Flavor 
  • Less Talking
  • More Listening 
  • Less Restrictions
  • More Imagative Ways to Create 
  • Lower Food Cost Uses
  • More For Your Money 
  • Arturo’s Torillas of Hawaii
  • Thinking About You

About Us

The “Tortilla For All World Foods” message is key.
Besides Mexican food, tortillas can be used for all sorts of ways in all sort of
World Foods and Cuisines.
Arturo’s has been making the best for Hawaii since 1981.
Arturo’s tortillas are stored chilled because of the minimal
amount of preservatives used.
Taste and Smell the Freshness and Goodness.
Arturo’s Tortillas are available by the package or by the case in
Chef Zone’s chilled area.

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*Available at

Chef Zone

By the Pack or Case: Chef Zone in chill department

2888 Ualena St, Honolulu, HI 96819


Y. Hata

Order by the Case: Y. Hata & Co. Limited.

Oahu – 808-447-4100
Big Island – 808-935-3321
Kauai – 808-245-6961

On visit:
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